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May 12, 2020 

Region 6 NNRA members:

We as NNRA administration were working diligently with Region 6 Rodeo Sponsors on putting a rodeo schedule together for our contestants. However, due to COVID-19 this has come to a halt and currently we are not implementing a full rodeo schedule this year.   During the NNRA administration meeting last week on Friday May 8, 2020 it was decided to take a survey from Region 6 NNRA members. The survey has been posted on NNRA Facebook as well. We are encouraging all NNRA members to answer the survey so we’ll have a good direction on how we can plan to host a rodeo(s) for Region 6 qualifier to INFR Finals in October 2020.

NNRA is not planning on doing away with the INFR, we are accepting suggestions on the format of the rodeo for the qualification to INFR on October 21-24, 2020.  We need your suggestions submitted to Shawndeana Smith as soon as possible. Following are some discussions with INFR Commissioners:

1. INFR/NNRA Region 6 members have a choice to rodeo or not to rodeo.
2. INFR/NNRA members can request to have his/her membership moved to the 2021 Rodeo Season (if a member chooses to go this route the contestant will not be eligible to enter in 2020 Rodeos).

3. INFR/NNRA Region 6 as a whole can opt out of hosting a rodeo which means NNRA will not have a representative at the INFR Finals in October 2020.

4. By opting out of the 2020 Rodeo Season NNRA can start out in 2021 with no penalties or sanction by INFR.

5. The requirement for Six (6) rodeos and one tour rodeo has been waived by INFR Commissioners including the Region membership fee of $3,000.00.

6. The COVID-19 Guidelines put out by PRCA has been adopted by INFR Commissioners which is available on our Facebook and below for your review.

7. INFR Commissioners are working on hosting a successful finals in October 2020. However, they also are impacted by COVID-19 as well.

8. Only 20 contestants per event will be entered at the finals. Eight from INFR Tour Rodeos and one rodeo contestant from each region.

9. Election for region president 

10. If all goes well based on the results from the survey a one day rodeo is in the planning stage tol be held in August, 2020.  However the rodeo can not be held on Navajo Nation.   Our Navajo Nation President has cancelled all activities on the Navajo Nation until 2021   
11. The saying that “The World Will Not Be The Same In the Future” is true. We should always be cautious/thoughtful/vigilant as we move forward. 

I will keep you all as Region 6 members updated as much as possible. If you have any questions please email me at

Thank you & God bless you all 

Alvin Smith, NNRA President  


Click on Survey here:

NNRA 2020 Rodeo Qualifier Questionnaire

Hello NNRA Contestants!

We hope you are all well!

We are reaching out to you to gather feedback in regards to this years rodeo season! We are fully aware of the challenges presented to us in this uncertain time.

The INFR is working to proceed with the annual rodeo in Las Vegas and as of right now, they plan to qualify the top 8 contestants in the tour standings and 1 region qualifier in each event for a total of 20 contestants in each event. With this in mind, we welcome and appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions.

click on the link above. Thank you!! 

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From The INFR

To INFR Members,

This letter is sent out with the intention of clarifying what the INFR is planning for INFR 2020 and what the role is of the Regions.

We must impress that the INFR is not forcing members to rodeo nor is it forcing Regions to host rodeos. What we encourage is, if rodeos are hosted, that vigilance is practiced for yourself and family to ensure safety from this pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our Native communities to a degree very few have seen before. Our rodeo season has been impacted to a huge extent and some communities have already cancelled Tours and Region rodeos and related fairs.  

The INFR remains optimistic that INFR 2020 will happen again this year. 

After the last meeting with the Regions on May 5, The Regions all confirmed that they wanted to remain involved by sending 1 qualifier to INFR 2020. 

The INFR asked the regions to send in a plan (just the plan not the format) of how they would proceed in getting the qualifiers to the INFR.  

For Example – Reminder this is just an example 


Region A – The following is the proposed plan for Region A for the 2020 INFR.  

• Option 1 - Region A will host 3 region rodeos in the months of July/August with a finals in September and take the year end winner from the above rodeos.

• Option 2 – If Region A cannot do Option 1, we will – Host 2 region rodeos in August and take the average winner of those 2 rodeos. 

• Option 3 – If Region A cannot do any of the above options, we will host a Qualifier and take the winners from each of the events to the INFR.

INFR members (regardless of what region they entered on the application) are eligible to complete in any of the regions. 

The INFR will look at what the regions are proposing, and they will approve the region process as it is or with recommendations. 

INFR 2020 will only take 20 contestants per event:

One contestant from each Region is what is in the INFR Plan is at this point.  The INFR will be planning accordingly on how the other 8 contestants will qualify to the INFR, i.e. tour rodeo standings, INFR qualifier(s) or something other.  Once the INFR has a plan in place it will be sent to all regions and members via – social media, website.

Other details such as the number of days over which to host the Finals, number of go-rounds, and other production details will be unveiled as we move forward with our plan. 

Regions were encouraged stay in touch and consult with their members.

We hope this helps in answering and clarifying some questions. It is important to keep in mind this is an exceptional year for INFR 2020 under exceptional circumstances.

Again, we thank you all for your patience and continued support and we will keep you posted as plans move forward. Thank you and if you have any questions please contact our office.

INFR Staff and Commissioners

PO Box 508, Browning, MT 59417

Phone: 406.338.7684 Fax: 406.338.3754

On another note. Our INFR regions move forward with planning and hosting events, the INFR strongly urges our regions, contestants and committees to implement the PRCA Covid 19 Rules and Guidelines. These guidelines will help to create a safer environment for everyone involved.

Remember safety is of the utmost importance and if you or someone in your household is sick or at high risk, please stay home and do not risk anyone else’s wellbeing. Please share.


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2019 NNRA Year End Champions:

Bareback Riding: Delvechio Kaye

Saddle Bronc Riding: Robert Burbank

Bull Riding: Tustin Daye

Steer Wrestling: Brandon Bates

Tie Down Roping: Malachi Pablo

Ladies Breakaway Roping: Danielle Lowman

Ladies Barrel Racing: Raynell Holgate

Team Roping Header: Chuck Sells

Team Roping Heeler: Victor Begay

Jr Breakaway Roping: Kadin Jodie

Jr Barrel Racing: Zayla Aguilar

Jr Bull Riding: Kailar Charley

Sr Breakaway Roping: Alfred Bates

Sr Team Roping Header: Carl Begay

Sr Team Roping Heeler: Albert Nez


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Rodeo Schedule:

Rodeo Schedule is Tentative and Subject to Change.


Rodeo Daysheets & Results:

Rodeo Daysheets & Results will be posted as they are finalized.


Rodeo Standings:

Rodeo Standings will be updated accordingly and posted after final approval. 


Congratulations To All!!

Class of 2019 Indian National Finals Rodeo World Champions


Bareback - Jayco Roper
Steer Wrestling - Bryton Edmundson
Ladies Breakaway - Jareth Hale
Saddle Bronc - Cole Elshere
Tie-down Roping - Quinton Inman
Team Roping - Edward Hawley, Myles John
Ladies Barrels - Sonya Dodging Horse
Bull Riding - Wyatt Nez
Ladies All-Around - Shantell Brewer
Men’s All-Around - Fran Marchand 


Bart Ness - Sr Breakaway
Cayda Dodging Horse -Jr Barrels
Chance Thomas - Jr Bulls
Daryl Boyd and Alfred Armajo Jr - Sr Team Roping
Ty Vaile, Jr Breakaway

Contact Us


NNRA Region 6

P.O Box 1368

Crownpoint, NM 87313 

Alvin Smith, President
Ray Smith, Vice President
Shawndeana Smith, Secretary/Treasurer
Darlene Thomas, Administrative Liaison
Vacant, CES Rodeo Secretary

Bobby Pablo, Judges Coordinator

Lonette Lee, Timers Coordinator
Vacant, Public Relations


David Peshlakai, Rodeo Representative (pro-tem)
Wayne Franklin, Senior Event

Karl Dennison, Senior Event (Alternate)
Sheridan Jodie, Mens Timed Event
Sheila Sells, Ladies Event

Alfredo Stevenson, Junior Event

Vacant, Rough Stock

If you are interested in becoming a part of NNRA, please inform the Administration.   Thank you!  


Navajo Son: Meet the Great American Cowboy

Growing up on a Navajo reservation in rural Arizona, Derrick Begay always dreamt of making it as a professional cowboy. But the idea of someone from his tribe hitting the big time seemed out of reach—though folks, including his own father, had tried to do it, no Navajo had ever managed to.  After years of hard work, Begay finally succeeded, becoming one of the first Navajo cowboys to qualify for the National Finals—and he’s gone on to compete there six more times.   A Yeti Presents film.