CES: Penny Mix 520-610-9752 (6-9 MST)

Ya'at'eeh Rodeo Committees

If you are interested in hosting a NNRA or INFR Tour Rodeo in 2020 please let us know. We appreciate your support and commitment to the growing numbers of contestants in Professional Indian Rodeo. 

Thank you!

2020 NNRA Rodeo Schedule (Subject to Change)

Date / Rodeo / Performance(s) / Location

Congratulations to all qualifiers! We look forward to seeing you again next year!

  • New rodeo schedule will be placed here upon approval.

Alvin Smith, President (505) 713-1024

Ray Smith, Vice President (505) 793-0558

David Peshlakai, Pro-Temp Rodeo Representative (505) 713-5876


3774 Stock 4Bs Bucking Bulls, Jonyatt Begay 928-255-2389 Navajo----------Navajo 

4081 Stock Cleveland Rodeo Co, Wheyland Cleveland 505-488-3500 Prewitt---------Navajo 505 240-0324 

5213 Stock Double B Bucking Bulls, Bruce Begay 505-860-2197 Kirtland--------Navajo 

3376 Stock Jacobs Custom Buckers, Jolyn Martinez 505-409-3276 Gallup--------- Navajo 

5044 Stock Jones Bucking Bulls, Bert Jones 480-479-2100 Kayenta, AZ.------- -Navajo 

5691 Stock Jones Rodeo Company, Raymond Jones 928-429-4849 Rock Point------ Navajo 

3128 Stock K/L Bucking Bulls, Emily Young 928-640-2485 Page, AZ. -------- Navajo 


3135 Stock Monroe & Sons Rodeo Co., Darryl Monroe 928-522-3296 Page, AZ.-----Navajo 

3783 Stock Rockin KT Rodeo, Karlee Tsosie, Karlee Tsosie 505-368-5477 Shiprock, NM--- 


3746 Stock TJ’s Bucking Bulls, Justin Begay Tuba City AZ. 928-310-7191, Tuba City ----Navajo 


3711 Stock Table Mesa Championship Rodeo Co. Harrison Tsosie, 505-701-0495 Shiprock, NM 

505-354-9719 Navajo 

3471 Stock Tri-Angle Rodeo, Kody Duboise, Vanderwagon NM 505-778-5622-------- Navajo 


3733 Stock Tsosie Brothers Rodeo Co., Tommy Shiprock NM 505 354-4276 Navajo 

5709 Stock V bar S Productions, Virdelle and Delvecchio Begay, Window Rock, Az Navajo 

505-635-1322, 505-444-3737 

5568 Stock W/A Rodeo’s LLC, Lisa Webb Bloomfield, NM 505-860-2930 Non 

5124 Stock Willies Cattle Co. Alvin Willie Gamerco, NM 505-879-6288 Navajo 


5707 Stock YG Cattle, Teddy Granger Tuba City AZ 928-640-0065 Navajo

2020 INFR Tour Rodeo Schedule (Subject to Change)

Refer to www.INFR.org for more information

November 2019

1st Tour Rodeo for the 2020 INFR Rodeo Season
9th & 10th
Veterans Memorial Rodeo

San Carlos, AZ

Midwest Call-ins for Tour Rodeo’s
Phone number 605-374-7754
Friday - internet entries open at 12:00am (mst) close on Monday at 6pm (mst)
Monday - regular entries open from 10-6pm (mst)
Tuesday - late entries open from 1-5pm (mst)
Wednesday - call backs/trades open from 1-4pm (mst)
**Cards must be bought 3 business days prior to entries to avoid a $25 late processing fee. Deadline will be every Thursday at noon. All cards bought after the deadline that are wanting to enter that tour rodeo on the following Monday will have to pay the late processing fee. Every Thursday after 12 pm we send our new members to Midwest Rodeo Entries so they can get you in their system. After that we have to go in separate and you all individually which can be time consuming.

Important Rules that will be Enforced

Turn out at call backs does not is no charge unless you get your 1st preference.

  • B2.2.4 Turnout in Slack and/ or Performance. Turn out during the slack and/ or performance shall result in a fine of $100 per event, plus entry fees per event.
    Notified draw out will be charged $100 and have up until 2 hours prior to rodeo start time to give notice of draw out.
  • B2.2.4.1 Medical Draw Out. Medical draw out at a tour rodeo will result in a $50.00 fine. There will be a maximum of 2 medical draw outs at rodeo’s in a rodeo year. Contestant must submit a doctor’s verification to the INFR Office within seven (7) days of the last performance of the rodeo. Failure to provide Dr verification within the 7 days will result into a $100.00 notified turn out.
  • B2.2.4.2 Doctor Verification. A 30-day doctor verification designation/release is the only other type of designation or release allowed; this can only be used one (1) time in a rodeo year. A contestant who doctor releases in one event may still compete in other events if physically able to do so. An office charge of $25 will be applied.
  • B2.2.4.3 Visible Injury. If a contestant draws out of a rodeo due to a visible injury, the contestant must submit a doctor’s or judge’s verification to the INFR Office within seven (7) days of the last performance of the rodeo. Failure to comply with this rule shall result in a $100.00 Notified turn out.
  • B2.2.4.6 Veterinarian Releases. (This rule applies to barrel racers only.) A contestant who elects to veterinarian release out of competition may only do this two (2) time in a given rodeo year. An office charge of $25 shall be applied and is to accompany the Veterinary Release being filed with the INFR Office. If no Veterinary Release is provided within 7 days a $100.00 fine will be assessed.
  • **B2.2.5.1 Non-Payment of Entry Fees or related Fees. Any contestant that competes in any Region or Tour Rodeo and does not pay his/her entry fees in full at the rodeo will be ineligible, on first offense, to participate in the next two (2) Region or Tour Rodeo’s. A second offence will result in suspension for the remainder of the rodeo year.
  • Late Fee added to entry fee – the $25 late fee that is added to entry fee from Midwest must be paid with the Rodeo Secretary no exceptions. If you would like to appeal the late fee you must do so with the INFR office the following Monday.

LOCATION: South Point Arena - Las Vegas, NV

Learn More on INFR

All INFR Tour Rodeos will have these additional fees: 

Office $10

Judge $10

Stock $15

Electric Eye $3 will be charged in the barrel racing

Please Read the Rulebook